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Our main mission?
FEED. As an American, I still can't comprehend, that 2 hours away on a plane, a child eats once a day at around 3 or 4pm. If I wouldn't see it, I wouldn't believe it. So Thank God we own a land that produces Banana (2,500), Mango (15), Avocados (100) and we plant seasonaly Red Beans, Corn, Pumpkin, Black Beans & veggies. We could certainly need your help in assisting us in continuing to plant.... On a monthly basis... Your welcome to visit us and witness the planting process.


Seconds before arriving in our property


The property

A friend of mine was asked a couple times "But what do they do?"

Here is just a 10% of what we do. Or have been doing while living here for last 7 (seven) - (siete) años, years of our lives. Please. READ..........