.ppPastThis calling, idea, creative idea was born in God's heart in early 2004. Its a farm that we cultivate all types of vegetables,

fruits, juice, to feed our kids on the border with Haiti. Dominican childrens and Haitian children enjoy of the childrens \

and teens church we have for them. The land includes over 2,000 banana trees, 100 avocado trees which produce thousands each year.

Seasonal crops such as sweet corn, black and red beans, squash, Dominican pumkin, oregano, pear, bell peppers, lettuce, strawberries,

juice such as 5 lemon trees, 5 sour orange, 6 guava trees (which produce both juice jelly jam) Guanabana, Mamon, passion fruit

(maracuya or chinola) yuca, papaya, and so much more. A chicken hen in which we would like to make bigger to

produce more eggs and offer meat, our childrens, in there homes, hardly ever get to eat meat. But just as important to feed a childs stomach, is

to feed his spirit. Our childrens and teens church was built in 2013. God has given us the perfect balance in one same place,

feed and feed spiritually, awesome!

Us below, founder, Jorge, Sofi & Matthew