Reference letters from Colombia here.

The beautiful old town of Saboya. Its the "old west" Colombian style.

Large cathedral in Colombia all over the nation.


My Wife Sofia and my Mother in law in 2014


2007 Ana Maria & David were only 4 & 5 years old,
they are now in there middle teens


The church we visited in Cicuco, wonderful people. The coast of Colombia. Our 1st evangelistic crusade.

Since our ministry is with children, we were able to get the donation of a computer from Roberto Diaz, and kick start the childrens ministry in Saboya. At the time, it was one of the few places were kids could see a christian movie.

In the 2006 - 2008 years donating christian movies
was a huge evangelical tool. Due to in Latin America,
things arrives years later then in the States.

Awareness and asking questions is such a key thing in Missions. I wish folks from my country (EEUU) would listen and ask. Giving away the donation of animals is so important to the poor. Chickens, cow, pig, its a way of getting ahead financially. Can you donate/sponsor a cow or 2 for the Jairo's?


Pastor Jairo. I've never seen or even knew pastors in
Latin countries had to work like this to get by. To be able to eat!

This is our trip to the coast, Cicuco. That we did with the pastors Jairo and his family. A 20 hr bus trip. Here with Maribel, demon possessed.

Pastor Jairo, in 2006 we gave him a cd walk man to play christian cd's for his worship. Sad the lack in pastors in L.America.


The 1st location I got to see of the Jairo's church. he's no longer at this building. His new one is pictures >