Colombia Missions trip see the map route below

CHECK LIST - 2 hours & 40 mins.
Its always a great idea to leave the last day for some tourist atraction. Colombia is a beautiful place. Bogota is more then what you expect.
With its gorgeous stores, malls and rich artesanal (folk art, hand crafted) items. Colorful graphics, modern malls. Cabins on the hills
Tunja is the capital city of the State of Boyaca, its on the way between Bogota & Saboya. I was in awe at the richness of there hand made
items amazing creativity all around the country of Colombia.
>> From there architecture, to there hotels in Villa de Leyva, is breath taking! To natural pools, its spectacular views. If you would like to know
more about where you can visit after your missions trip, just write to us. See below some photos of Villa de Leyva. Its on the way to Saboya.
And its always a great idea to take these pastors on a mini trip. They hardly ever get to go anywhere. Much less have a "Date night" with
there spouse.

Cost for your trip here in dollars: Exchange rate is as of Nov. 2016 $3,000. colombian pesos per $1.00 US Dollar.

1. For us to pick you up in Bogota, our Bus transportation expenses is $60. from Tunja. (bus & taxi) US Dollars. round trip.
2. Taxi to and from airport to Bus Terminal - approx. $30. pp round trip
3. Bus Transportation from Bogota to Chiquinquira $40.pp round trip
4. Taxi from Chiquinquira to Saboya $10. pp round trip
5. Food $20 per person, per day. (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
6. *Lodging in chiquinquira (email us)
7. You should change to pesos in Colombian bank, not airport. for a better rate. You should carry pesos for any purchases you might want,
...... snacks, soda, water, souvenirs, and always consider leaving an offering to pastor Jairo.

* depending how long you will stay.

Approx $210. pp not including airfare. In transportation/lodging/food based on a 3 day stay. Per each day extra just increase food and lodging rate.

Welcome to Saboya:

Country side, Saboya

neighboring town - Garavito

If your traveling here, please read this page carefully.

MEALS (updated 2016): breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by a lady that will be hired
just for your stay. Its healthy, hygienic, clean. She needs to be paid and we would need to do
grocery shopping purchase for your stay. Please send ahead of time this allowance.

We pray by the time you travel, we will at least have a 4 door vehicle, if not, if your more then 2,
we will have to travel by bus. transportation from the airport to the bus station is another cost - taxi.
Email us to find out this amount per person.

As the leader of your group, try the best you can to have each person in your group bring something small to give to a child.
like a shoe box with gifts. Email us for ideas.
Go to Big lots, or walmart and have them buy any little thing. When they give that gift to a child and take a picture with that
child and there donation, its something they will never forget. In our opinion, and based on experience, this is problably one
of the most important task you can do as a leader with those coming over.

TRIP ITINERARY: . A 4 HOUR TRIP from Bogota to Saboya.

We are aware that you are coming to help the needy. But, we have learned that the 1st ones we need to think
of are those that have come to live here fulltime. Our founder and his wife, the on-site pastors. Please make
sure to ask them before you travel, what they need. They have given there life to come and live surrounded by
extreme poverty. They live with those that many just visit - the poor. There email is

Please be prepared to walk. Visiting the local families the pastor visits is an awesome experience. It is very cold in Saboya, bring sweaters.


  • While in Bogota, make sure you get before going to the bus station, stopping at a local grocery store to get snaks, beverages
    ,At the same grocery store we can eat lunch. For the trip to Chiquinquira is long.

  • Bring at least 1 towel. Why? So you can donate it to the pastor and his family.

  • Soap (antibacterial) & shampoo @ Targets there’s a small travelers bag. Excellent for travel. Also at Walmart. You can leave these also with them.

  • Tooth brush, tooth paste

  • Tylenol, advil, abuprofen are great things to bring, that you can leave with the pastors.
    Alka-seltzer. Not because of the meals here, but the meals in the US are very unhealthly and the change to almost organic food here can cause diarreah.

  • Extra pair of shoes. These pastors hardly ever can buy shoes. As with there children also

  • Anti bacteria hand sanitizer 2.Oz size to carry with you in your backpack.

  • Make sure you bring a small bag (6''x4'') or a plastic bag to hold the items you will use to bathe. That way you can carry them with you to the river,
    or bathroom.

  • Anything else you can you can bless the pastor and his family with.

About, location, & is it safe? Colombia has become pretty safe. Its not the US, but since we will be picking you up, there is not need to worry.. .
Bogota and Chiquinquira and Saboya are pretty safe also. Its is a beautiful picture

Clothing & travel information:
IT is cold here. TShirts during the day, .

Documents to travel: A valid US passport and photo ID. Make sure you keep your passport in a safe place.

Electricity: 110 volts as in the US.

Money: The exchange rate varies constantly as of Nov 2016 its worth is 3,000 Colombian peso. for $1.dollar.

Weather: In the 40's, this weather in a hispanic country is cold. Because there is no heater..

Food: You can purchase bottled water, snacks, sodas, etc. .


  • We always encourage those that come, if they desire too, they can donate any items they bring. Everything is useful over here and needed. Everything!
  • Teaching people that you need to be perfect, follow a set of rules, and dress a certain way. Encourage folks, remind them God is a loving father who
    desires to win the trust of his children. That he’s not interested in what you wear, but interested in having your heart. In you following him, having a
    purpose in life.

THESE PHOTOS ARE FROM THE TOWN ON THE WAY TO SABOYA. iTS CALLED "Villa de Leyva" Worth Stopping by on your way back or staying
a night for as little as $30.pp You an make your missions trip also a nice, beautiful getway. It truly is a gorgeous, natural country.

Beautiful cabin called Mesopotamia with this natural spiring
turned into a natural pool. Its stream goes around the entire hotel/resort.

Cabin House breathtaking views of Villa de Leyva
Its called Arco Iris







Other Arco Iris Cabin House

House made of clay