.ppPastPastor Jairo Sierra cell phone & whatsapp 011-57-312-550-0716 email is jairosierrav@gmail.com.

......Right of the bat, as they say, Pastor Jairo has no income to sustain the rent of his church
.....he has also no motorcycle to visit the many families on the hills that attend his church.
.....He could also use the donation of cattle, this is agreat assistance
.....to someone in Latin America. Its like money in the bank. Help us, help them?

....... There is a map below showing the route from Bogota (airport bog) to Saboya.

....Colombia, (reference letters from Colombia) We have all heard of this country. Unfortunately the reputation isn't to bright. However, that in
itself makes the word "need" in a larger scale! The great news is Colombia has changed.drastically! And contrary to what others say, it is due to the admirable chasing of God from the Colombian Christians. The revival in Colombia is similiar to whats going on in Africa. I have witness first hand
the churches, pastors, believers in Colombia that are so incredibly anointed. Prayer has changed this country. Believers have an astonishing 30%
of the vote! I'm happy to be a part of this movement, revival, growth going on in Colombia. We've done all the work! Just say "yes" and you can too experien
ce the joy of helping or just visiting us in Colombia. A tourist visitor video for you to see right below.

We first visited as a ministry in May 2006 Saboya is a small town, of 12k residen
ts. Its a beautiful town, the meat in Colombia, you have to taste!.

Saboya is in the state (departamento) of Boyaca, here's a Tourist video

We started by writing emails. Colombia is still a place where you should not travel alone. You must have a tie with someone,
preferably a ministry/church. We made contact with a local church and connect with one of its missionaries. Once we connected and got to know
well the area we would go into, we began to
pray (in Miami) of who and where we would go and take help. After a couple of months, our connection
in Tunja, Colombia (Olga Sofia) who was part of an Assemblies of God ministry, came back after from a missions trips to a small town called
"Saboya". She told me "I met these pastors that I think could be what you have been praying for

Well, bless Sofia's heart, while she shared the story of these pastors living in Saboya, I felt God tell me "that's the place". So much joy friends filled
my heart. Finally we knew after 3 months of prayer. We began to pray and plan our trip and I never forget the day when we arrived in Saboya that I
had this pastor next to me, a promise fulfilled and told him;

,,,,,,"God brought me all the way from Miami to come and visit you."

This beautiful man lowered his head, and cried. I knew that moment I was in the right place! What a humble gesture! Since then, I began to do trips to Saboya. Since 2006 we have done over 6 trips to Colombia and stayed many days and nights in Saboya with the pastors.Each one of those trips was
2 months long.

In 2013 while walking his father in law's land, I took my usual stroll to talk with our Father God. I picked a place in that lan
d and stood in silence.
After a couple of minutes I spoke to God and said;

"Lord, Jairo needs a home. Could you put it in his father in law's heart to give him this piece of land?"

Friends, if you have not believed in the power of prayer, believe me! A couple months later Pastor Jairo tells me "hermano, my father in law gave
us a piece of land." And guess what? It was the same place I felt to pray! Praise God! For His leading..

Jairo needs help! I have faith you and I can help, I do! He could have gone to another city to have his finances healthy. But he has persevere to be
1 of 2 or 3 churches in the town to bring the love and power of Jesus Christ. They have no income. None! He is a hard working man, He has worked in crops, planted, cultivated to help him sustain his family and the ministry, but the weather has not helped. You and I have been called to help. There is plenty of verses that support this... Lets put a seed in this place. Saboya, Colombia needs it! Even from his own pastors and denomination, Jairo and
his church have been forgotten. Its, for me, very frustrating, but we pray we can help them get things going. Jesus have mercy
you can do it..

Our move to Colombia:
My wife and I feel God is asking us to move from the border with Haiti, to Tunja, Colombia. That is 1 hr 1/2 from my dear friends and who I consider
my family - Jairo, Milena and there 2 ch
ildren David and Ana Maria.

Our visit to the maximum security prision:
As a follower of Jesus, I had read of how important it is to visit prison inmates. The door opened when I visited Colombia. It is pretty COOL, when
you and your ministry and calling
are led by the very Spirit of God. 1 Corinthians 2 says "For who knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God."
Isn't the word awesome! Well, His Holy Spirit opened this door. We went to a town called Combita, right outside
Tunja, (1 hr 1/2 from Saboya)
and visited the maximum security prison. It is intence to say the least! It affected me for years! The enemy certainly doesn't want us to bring light,
power, authority and the truth of our Father to places like this. But the experience was tremondous. Its a pretty long story, but, I can tell you Jesus
was glorified in each of my 2 visits to this place. I met men who had done things I never knew a human being could do. It is a very very dark place
with dark stories. But what did I learn? It is the place were I have seen God manifest himself the strongest in a human being.
Goes to say how little we seek Him outside. This was a challenge I took
with me!

Visit to Antioquia drug rehab center:
l met Pastor Andres through Sofia, God just used this young lady in amazing ways. Something I have not shared yet is, God had ordained our
meeting, because this was the wife God had for me. Pastor Andres, wow, what a testimony and what a
n admirable ministry. He lived with these
men day in day out for years. However, in 2011 he himself fell back into adiction. This hit me very hard. I tried to get him to open up each time
we shared, but, he never did. His leader didn't help either. Christianity needs to be transparent, real, relevant. We cannot continue to act
as if we have the perfect families, the perfect marriage. The only thing that should shine and is perfect is Jesus Christ.

Letters, from local leaders & pastors of our trips and there impact. All glory to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Photos of our many trips:

Photos of our many trips. Each one of our trips to Co was 2 months long. If you would like to go with us on our next trip, please write to us.
Thank you! Keep us in your prayers and those we serve on the Border with Haiti (our childrens/teen ministry and our Colombia ministry)
Photos are in order from my very 1 trip to our most recent. May/June 2006, April 2007 to Cicuco we invited Pastor Jairo
& his family to come with us, this was an evangelistic crusade with had 20 hrs away from Tunja! It was the 1st time Pastor Jairo, his family
and Sofia had seen the ocean., next trip was Dec/Jan 07'. In June 2008 Sofia and I moved to Dominican Republic to our ministry land on
the border with Haiti. Could not return to Colombia until Dec 2011. Then May/June 2013. We are praying to go this winter Dec. 2016.
Praying for finances.

Reference letters from Colombia here.

The beautiful old town of Saboya. Its the "old west" Colombian style.

Large cathetrials in Colombia all over the nation.

My Wife Sofia and my Mother in law in 2014



2007 Ana Maria & David were only 4 & 5 years old, they are now

Since our ministry is with children, we were able to get the donation of a computer from Roberto Diaz, and kick start the childrens ministry in Saboya. At the time, it was one of the few places were kids could see a christian movie.

In the 2006 - 2008 years donating christian movies
was a huge evangelical tool. Due to in Latin America,
things arrives years later then in the States.

Awareness and asking questions is such a key thing in Missions. I wish folks from my country (EEUU) would listen and ask. Giving away the donation of animals is so important to the poor. Chickens, cow, pig, its a way of getting ahead financially. Can you donate/sponsor a cow or 2 for the Jairo's?

Pastor Jairo. I've never seen or even knew pastors in
Latin countries had to work like this to get by. To be able to eat!

This is our trip to the coast, Cicuco. That we did with the pastors Jairo and his family. A 20 hr bus trip. Here with Maribel, demon possessed.

Pastor Jairo, in 2006 we gave him a cd walk man to play christian cd's for his worship. Sad the lack in pastors in L.America.

The 1st location I got to see of the Jairo's church.

The church we visited in Cicuco, wonderful people.