Feeding ministry in Dominican Republic

These are old pics, but, this is what is going on constantly, planting, plowing, reaping.

What does our blessed property produce?
100 Avocado trees (producing yrly over 2,000.)
24 Mango tree (4 different types of Mango) producing yearly over 5,000.
2,000 banana and plantain trees.
Orange, Sour orange, Lemon, guava trees, aloe, oregano, auyama, yuca, pear, mamon, guanabana, natural herbs for tea, zapote (mamey)
season crops like Red & Black beans, sweet corn, all types of beans and Dominican Pumpkin.

Please read this letter below the photos of a visitor we had last year from Colorado.

PS, we do need help in this part of the ministry. A rut tiller from Home Depot would be a huge blessing for us, of course a small tracktor would be best, but, would
settle for the Cub Cadet tiller for $799. @ Home Depot



Hi George, I just wanted to contact you to say how wonderful it was to come to your property and
treat the wonderful people in your community with the medical team.  I was one of the chiropractors
that treated in your guest house.  I was so impressed with your walk with God and being filled with the Holy Spirit. 

He is definitely walking with you and blessing all you do there. After we went back to our compound that night
and had our devotions, we all “felt” something different about our day with you than we had felt all week long. 
I think that says so much about your devotion and obedience to His calling to you at your place. 

 I walked your property during our lunch break and felt like I was walking though a Garden of Eden. 
It really occurred how blessed your property was when I looked over the fence and saw how barren the
adjacent property looked.  I walked over to a large tree in the middle of the field and saw a white chair placed
underneath it.  I sat and had some time to talk to our God for His continuing blessing on you and your ministry. 

I think of you and your beautiful family often and pray for you.  I hope we can come again and help treat your
family of friends and neighbors in the future.