Anything you have in your garage is precious in any country outside the US.

Needs right now, (2019-2020)
can be brought from the States

we are in need of shoes, crocs,
tylenol, aspirin, for back pains,
bath towels, bed sheets (4 ) size full (2) and twin (2)
pillows, pillow covers (8)

To purchase in Dominican Republic
need 4 bed mattress size full
Urgently need to redo our visitor cabin home. Its of wood and in bad shape

1. Cement Blocks - qty. 1,000.
2. Cement bags qty. 70.
3. Sand qty 6 meters
4. Gravel 6 meters
5. rebar 6 dozen
6. Tin for roof 40 sheets
7. 2x3x10' for roof - 20
1x3x10 for roof 20

all this would come out to approx. $1,500. Prices vary as time passes.


Purchase can even be made directly to the Hardware store here in DR. The owner is a good friend
and pastor. Eddie Mendez His cell phone number is Tel.809-803-6787 with credit card or

And this is the photo of his hardware store;


These are the photos of the current visitors home that needs to be replaced.