Make your mark precious friends! We need you... The poor need you... The childen here need you. Your smile, your prayers,

your hug, your time. And so do we. Being away from our families, we need the warmth, affection of our extended families - you!

So MAKE YOUR MARK - VOLUNTEER in 2016. Many folks that have never met us, have made there way here.

From California to Miami, New Jersey, Chicago, Colorado, Ft. Lauderdale, Colombia, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, S. Carolina,

feel free 2 contact them if you would like a reference about there trip here At "references"


Pastor Christian Garcia, visited with us the school we built in a village that is yet to be in the Dominican map! "la tinaja"
which has no electricity, he felt the urge to donate a portable radio and rechargable batteries so the folks here can here the gospel.

As we lifted the tent, children, teens and adults began to come, and filled the property eventually. They where amazed at
how quickly a small home was built. You could here the comments "Wow, its so pretty" "Its bigger then mine".
Pastor Christian of Pneuma Church in Miami felt led to do an alter call and about 25 children and adults came
forward to accept Jesus as there Lord and Savior. It was already night as you can see in the picture below.

One Accord Ministries - Ft. Lauderdale, fl.