Mission Trip to Dominican Republic, border with Haiti. spectacular views, montanous, beautiful village in Dominican Republic.
Missions trip to
Colombia click here. (Montanous region/safe with pastors Jairo & Milena Sierra)

If its your first trip here. Feel free to contact pastors that have visited Pastor Christian Garcia 305-273-0028 web page
The local pastor and friend Pastor Linares in this village, from Assemblies of God church 1-829-975-9974 for references click here
Visitors from Iowa, Colorado, Chicago, Florida, see there pictures and info here

Cost for your trip here in dollars: email us and we will send you the new cost, it doesn't change much, its due to increase in gasoline. Gasoline here is almost $7. per gal..

1. Gas/lpg expense $150. For our missionaries/pastor to pick you up at airport
2. Bus travel is fine here. It's about $20. round trip. per person. Unless your a group of 5 or less we can travel together in our missionaries SUV.
3. Food $25 per person, per day. (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Its organic, grown in our farm, meat is fresh from each day. We have had over 200 visitors from America.
4. Lodging, an offering of $50 per person is suggested. To stay in our cabin inside our ministry farm. See pic of cabin below.
5. You should change to pesos in DR at a local bank. for any purchases you might want, snacks, soda, water, souvenirs, etc.

* depending how long you will stay.

Welcome to Juan Santiago, Elias Piña (state) here its called "Provincia"

Population approx. 10k, major problems stomach pains (parasites), blood sugar, high blood pressure, no jobs, almost 99% work is agriculture -
hard labor no machinery.
as far as religion, very high legalist. Its was sad to see at first, but Jesus has used us to show the people His love.
Girls as young as 11 have children. No local clinic, no bathrooms, few bed sheets, no filtered water, (we have filtered water and bed sheets donated
by generious donors for your
visit) Ritual dance of witchcraft. This is known as the capital of witchcraft. You won't see it, its done in private. Many folks don't read or write in this village.

Guest Cabin for visitors equipped with a large 3 bathroom made of concrete with ceramic tile.
Very comfortable home with a bedroom and 2 bunk beds. Sofa, frig, dresser. Reading a book or bible here is something we do often. It is a special place!

Me and Sofi on our way to "La Tinaja" a very rural community up on the
mountains. We built a school here in 2006

This is the road arriving just seconds before our property >>

Our property



If your traveling here, please read this page carefully. Make sure you bring what it says, its for your well being. Thank you.

MEALS (updated 2017): breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by a lady that will be hired
just for your stay. Its healthy, hygienic, clean. She needs to be paid ($20.)and we would need to do
grocery shopping purchase for your stay. Please send ahead of time this allowance. There is local
bottled water, pepsi, coka cola, snacks, we usually do a large grocery shopping before you arrive.

At the Santo Domingo airport make SURE YOU....
your tourist visa will be $10. dollars.
Make sure you have that ready before reaching imigration on your right side.

In May 2017 we received the donation of a Ford Explorer! Praise God. Fits 6 if your group is more
we will have to travel by bus. The cost is about $20. per person. however,
transportation from the airport to the bus station is another cost - taxi. Email us to find out this amount per person.

As the leader of your group, try the best you can to have each person in your group bring something small to give to a child.
like a shoe box with gifts. Email us for ideas.
Go to Big lots, or walmart and have them buy any little thing. When they give that gift to a child and take a picture with that
child and there donation, its something they will never forget. In our opinion, and based on experience, this is problably one
of the most important task you can do as a leader with those coming over.

TRIP ITINERARY: . A 4 1/2 HOUR TRIP from Santo Domingo to our ministry grounds.

We are aware that you are coming to help the needy. But, we have learned that the 1st ones we need to think
of are those that have come to live here fulltime. Our founder and his wife, the on-site missionaries. & co-pastors here.
Please make sure to ask them before you travel, what they need. They have given there life to come and live surrounded by
extreme poverty. They live with those that many just visit - the poor. There email is

Please be prepared to walk. It is very hot and humid during the day.. At night though, it does get chilly. Even in the summer months.


  • Have $10.US Dollars ready to pay for the tourist card in Dominican Republic airport.
  • the less you bring the better of personal belongings. Bring items that are needed (ask the missionaries)

  • Change your money to the Dominican Peso at a Dominican Bank > Banco Popular. Your group should have at least $150. in case of a flat, any emergency. Why?
    your visiting missionaries that are not financially prepared for anything above there normal living cost.
  • Once you pay for the tourist card and change your currency, make sure you get a cart for your luggage, its free.
  • Extra Cash in your pocket, for your expenses and to donate.
  • Your camera is so important you can take alot of pictures and bring back home and show others. That way awareness is made and help can come after you.
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Flashlight with new batteries. (optional) but at least 2 per group.) You know, they sale here in santo domingo great flash lights that are rechargeble.
    They come with a nonremoval battery. Its only $10. US Dollars.

  • Insect Repellent - Purchase the brand "OFF" the green can without deet.

  • While in Juan Santiago, (The village we live and work in) there are small convenience stores called “Colmados” with cinnamon rolls, cookies, chips, cup cakes,
    soda, water, you’ll need Dominican peso.

  • Towels please bring 2

  • Soap (antibacterial) & shampoo @ Targets there’s a small travelers bag. Excellent for travel. Also at Walmart.

  • Tooth brush, tooth paste

  • Tylenol – trust us… it can get hot and humid. Headaches can accur and Alka-seltzer. Not because of the meals here, but the meals in the US are very unhealthly
    and the change to almost organic food here can cause diarreah.

  • Booties, or Crocs the ones you wear for the beach. (these shoes used for when you bathe) consider leaving them behind, this is greatly needed. So bring new
    ones please

  • Anti bacteria hand sanitizer 2.Oz size to carry with you in your backpack.

  • Make sure you bring a small bag (6''x4'') or a plastic bag to hold the items you will use to bathe. That way you can carry them with you to the river, or bathroom.

  • Alka-Seltzer. Backpack NO SHORTS... pants, mosquitos here!

About, location, & is it safe? Dominican Republic is one of the safest countries in Latin America. The people are very friendly. But, like every city/country, there are
neighborhoods that are very dangerous. We have been working here with the poor and children since 2002 We are well known in these towns and will take you to meet
most of the folks. Our trips set us apart, because we are very adventurous. You also have the option of bathing in the river which is a favorite. We have our own cooks
that will prepare our meals each day. Very tasty! This is the route to our project, located in Provincia Elias Pina" a 4 hour 1/2 away from "SANTO DOMINGO, where you
will be arriving (the airport). .

Clothing & travel information:
The best clothing I believe is carpenter pants; you have plenty of pockets. Old Navy has good prices. Light t-shirts and two pairs of shoes in case one of them gets wet.
There are mosquitos, bring insect repellant.

Documents to travel: A valid US passport and photo ID. Make sure you keep your passport in a safe place.

Electricity: 110 volts as in the US. However, the electricity and water is cut for hrs. in a day, every day. But we do have light all the time thank God.

Money: The American dollar varies constantly as of Nov 2015 its worth is 44.20 per Dominican peso.

Weather: In the 80's, it is very hot you must be drinking water constantly. There is no air conditioning here. Any where! Only the rich or stores, malls in Santo Domingo.
Not in the country side.

Food: You can purchase bottled water, snacks, sodas, etc. There is a small Mercado next door to our project site. Do not drink water if it is not bottled. We have a cook,
so the food is very good. Drink a lot of water, gatorade, etc. The less soda the better.


  • We always encourage those that come, if they desire too, they can donate any items they bring. Everything is useful over here and needed. Everything!
    an extra towel, shoes, underwear (yes, these local pastors (dominican) can hardly ever buy underwears., crocs, sandals, t-shirts.
  • Smile, hug people, the children, bless them and bless there small shacks (homes) walk into there homes, they love it when you do. The coffee here is amazing
    its 100% organic from these mountains. Brewed fresh.

Dos and Don’ts.

Don’t Give money to the poor, children, families. If you feel you should, make sure you do it inside a home in private. Or ask our missionaries. Because many fathers here
drink RUM and dont bring a meal to there child. The father usually will use it for alcohol. Many use the little they have to drink and get drunk. If you’d like to sponsor a family,
the best thing is too purchase an animal for that family. Like a “chivo”, pig, chickens. This re-produces and is also useful for food. Its also an investment for families. Actually
the best investment and the best way to help. “Give a fish and they’ll eat for a day, buy them a fishing rod and there’ll eat forever” People here tend to put all there trust
in the rich, the politicians, they need someone to point them to Jesus Christ. Its a great opportuinty to share the gospel, which is very needed here!

Don’t eat or drink food that folks offer you. Only because they tend to cook with a lot of oil and that can give you diarrhea. The water they drink is not filtered it
is contaminated. We have filtered water. We will have breakfast, lunch and dinner for you.

Do’s we encourage you while near the group, to venture closely to a home a family, to approach a teen, a child, father, mother, anyone, and give them
encouragement and the good news. Remind them, Christianity is different in the States. That God doesn’t criticize them or judge them for what they wear.
That’s just an idea, feel free to use your own words. One on one ministry is very powerful.

Do’s giving away any Christian materials from your ministry to those you feel led.

Don’t push yourself. If your tired, rest, let us know. If you are feeling bad, let us know the moment you begin to feel something. Always be drinking liquids - water,
gaterade which they sale here in our village. Enjoy and connect with God here. many come to our property just to do that. learn to relax.

Your trip will be fun and most importantly life altering. Especially for your teens, your children. If you've struggled with them, believe me, here they will be touched.

There are rivers, horse back riding, water falls, mountains, hiking, nightly fire places, nightly devotionals under a sky full of stars. click here to see who else has
visited us.

The waterfall below is 5 minutes from our property. Make sure to mention to us the beautiful caves (cuevota) and gorgeous lagoon 15minutes away.

Do's and Don'ts

1. Please don't tell or give someone your whatsapp or facebook and plan to never write to them or respond to there "hellos".
These folks are very sensitive & remember everything you promise.
I've seen this every time a visitor comes over. The emotions of a moment harms the heart of the poor left behind after your visit.
They literally believe what you've told them. Please don't make promises to people. Surprise them. That's wisdom. Read No. 3

"Let your yes be yes and your no be no." Matthew 5:37

2. Want to be effective in helping out? Pray for discernment who to help? Don't go by eye sight. Trust me, you can harm,
literally mess up someones life if you give to the wrong person. When you give, make sure its God, not emotionally giving.
If you want to be effective in giving, there's a perfect phrase "Give a fish and it will feed for a day, show them how to fish and
They'll eat every day." How do you "show how to fish"? easy? buy them a goat, a lamb, a pig or invest $100.
so they can build a chicken hen, and purchase chickens. They serve 2 things, meat and eggs. Rabbits is another awesome
Idea. They multiply by the hundreds

2a. If you are visiting a ministry abroad, and it has leaders, ask them. Ask them, who do you recommend is fertile ground.
who are the ones most in need. Is there someone that needs something ugently. Ask questions from those that are the leaders
at the place your visiting.

2b. Because you bought a plane ticket and your traveling on a missions trip. Ok, great, but not enough. Go prayed up. And
visit Marshalls, Big Lots, Ross, walk in one of those stores, pray "God, Holy Spirit, I want to bless someone with a personal need
they might have. Please direct me, what can I purchase." That my friends is wisdom. This pleases God. Don't go empty handed on
a missions trip, just because you think you've done alot just by going. Apart from that new gift you'll purchase. Take an extra pair
of sneakers, a bath towel, shampoo, leave it behind to someone.

2c. Can I be real with you? "More!?" you ask, jeje, The folks we serve, the pastors, the pastor's wives, the leaders or just the
people that live here, or where your going. Close to 6 month to a year, they have probably not been able to purchase underwear.
The wives of the leaders, same, bra's, panties. The world is not America. Outside our nation, there is need beloved. Believe me.

3. Contact the local pastor to make sure he does what you can't during your trip. They are the most trusted ones
when you desire to purchase or do something for someone. But, don't neglect that local pastor either. An offering of $20. dollars
is a good thing for a local pastor. Take down his number, email, and have him send you photos of the task you gave him.


Trip here. From the airport (Santo Domingo) 4 hour trip.

Apostle Ray all the way from Iowa. His ministry page here.
A local news channel honors A. Ray see here

The man God used to built and donate our childrens and teens church. (on the right side) A complete stranger, just felt from God To reach out to this nation and by God's miracle hand, found our website! Kenny of BHI in Colorado. Click here & with my very good friend from Miami, Fl. Kevin Vargas.


Me and Sofi in 2009 with our first Mangos! Today the farm produces nearly 1,000. per tree.
We have 22 trees!

Sofi is a lic. Arts graduate from Colombia. She is also a professor. But, has also been a the local nurse here
in this village that has no hospital.

our seasonal crop - Sweet Corn on the cob!

Read Beans, we produce over 100 lbs.


INSIDE THE GROUNDS. Sofi has planted many flowers.


We often head up to the higher montains, to have a picnic with our many kids. Matthew (our son) and Sofia

Out reach, medical from Solid Rock click here to see there ministry around the world.

Inside the ministry farm, Doctors, pastors, military men from Santo Domingo (Capital City) Iglesia Familia Bethel. A large, well known ministry in Santo Domingo.

A huge outreach in Santo Domingo, World Vision allowed us to use there
facilities. Founder (Jorge ) and wife Sofia 2008

Dominican Armed Forces comander said "This has been the most
organized medical outreach we have done" Praise God!
This outreach was done with Scotia Crecer a Canadian Bank in Dominican
Republic. Twice they have come over.